Another Dean Article

Dean is in the news again here it is an AP wire story.

Strange but true, Dean drinks his own urine (or at least the good parts of it)

Read the link for details.

Joe J.

great article…

Dean has done so much… and this is just great…making a difference and helping the world is just wonderful…hats off to Dean and his company and staff

I wonder if Dean reads chiefdelphi? I mean, how couldn’t he, it’s the most popular site after the official one. Is he known to have an account here?

Well, someone registered under the name LordDumpling, rookie year 1989. Judge how you’d like.

To get back to the topic, Dean was in South Carolina? Blast!

I just was informed that there is a link to this same article.


…I am closing this thread.

Follow this link to continue the discussion there.

Joe J.