Another John Neun ... for real ?!?!

Just saw this on the main Forum page (see attachment) … Are there really two of them?? :ahh:



Let me make an educated guess here: John Neun is JVN’s dad?

Especially since he is an engineer from John’s old team.

Nah, John Neun is probably one of those guys who gets recognized everyday as being John V. Neun, even though he is not V. Thus, he wanted to come on CD and thank V for everything the Neun name has done for him (got him a job, a girl, etc)

You know, just like that Emmitt Smith commercial that Koko? was talking about…

You are correct sir.

John Neun is my father.
The “Neun” is from him, the “Vielkind” (or V as everyone knows it) is from my mother.

I’m quite amused there is a thread about him getting a CD member account.

-The Younger John

JVN’s dad is awesome!!!

Anyway, this reminds me of when my dad & brother both signed up onto CD, and all the pms I recieved…“you mean…theres MORE Bouchers?!?” :wink:

As you can see below, Ted & I don’t really look too much alike…be sure to say hi to him at Nats, he’s 237’s “shimmy” operator.

and yes, I’m shorter. Shut up :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, welcome aboard Mr. Neun (senior),
I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that you should be very proud of your son. Hang out with us for just a bit and you will quickly come to recognize how highly he is regarded in this community (but you probably already know that too). :slight_smile:

It’s true, I am his father (“Luke… I’m your father”). I had no idea that he is such a celebrity! I will quietly take my place among his adoring minions, meekly looking on as he achieves greater and greater feats among the other gods who walk the earth!

Thank you, Stu. Yes, we are very proud of him!

I didn’t get any PMs, and my whole family is signed up (Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother). :frowning:

Sorry to be the one to point this out Joe … but you’re not quite as cute as Jessica. :frowning: (or maybe you just need a better picture in your profile :stuck_out_tongue: )

:ahh: That is a horrible picture. I was so tired that day since Kevin Shaw kept the whole field crew ( Drivers and Human Player ) up all night.

No, we don’t admire V-Neun, it’s just fun to make fun of him. :wink:

Welcome aboard captain Neun!

Hey Ted, you didn’t happen to see the picture of yourself dancing, did you? :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well, I’ll just pick on Jess then. :smiley: