Another Mecanum Question

We are trying to set up a mecanum drive system and are needing some help.
What we would like to do, but do not know how to, is set up the system to use a single joystick, with Y moving forward-backward, X to rotate CW-CCW, and two joystick buttons to strafe left-right. The buttons for strafing would be set to use a lower power setting, rather than full power on-off.

Does someone have a pic of how labview should look to pull this off?

We are using the 2017 mecanum example to start, but we are very weak with programming.

Searching the forums I can find info two joysticks, tank drive, or setup of other configurations, but I have not been able to locate anything for this specific setup.


Give this a shot! It uses Buttons 3 and 4 on the Joystick to control the Strafing and the x and y axes to control turning and forward/ backward movement.

2017 Mecanum Help Telop 3294.png

2017 Mecanum Help Telop 3294.png

Thanks for the reply … I also worked on this last night… not sure if how I did it will work. If anyone can look at it and tell me if it looks sound, I would appreciate it. I have not been able to test it yet.

It looks sound, except your joystick indexes are off by one.

I am super terrible at this … heh

I do not know what that means.

The buttons are labeled 0 - 5, 0 being the trigger. So, when I want to use button 2 on the joystick, I have to attach it to the one labeled 3. I do not know how to correct that, so I just keep it in my mind to add one. LOL

It’s truly amazing that I can get a program working at all …
We tried to go to a Labview programming class this year, but it was full by the time I even heard of it.

Once I get to the competition, I will most likely need to find some help from another team just to get some things working…

The next thing on my list is limit switches. Right now, I put together a weird logic section in tele-op so that the motor won’t be completely unusable once a limit switch is made. It just won’t drive any farther in that direction. It was the only way I could think of to make it work. Is there an easier way to do this?

Jaguars have built-in limit switch support. if you use Jags, you don’t need to code limit switches.

Sparks have a similar feature.

All the better. I did not know that.

As Stated previously, if you are using a Spark, Jaguar, or Talon SRX motor controller, you can use the limit switch inputs on the controllers. If you would like to attempt to code in limit switches, give this a shot.

2017 Limit Switch Help Telop 3294.png

2017 Limit Switch Help Telop 3294.png