Another PBASIC Question

Ok, heres my problem. I’m trying to use “If Statements” in PBASIC. I know how to use them, that’s the easy part. What I need is someone to tell me the syntax for PBASIC. I tried to find it, but I couldn’t. Here’s what I need the syntax for:

Not Equal
Greater Than
Less Than
Greater Than or Equal To
Less Than or Equal To

I think that’s all I need. I know some things, but I just want to double check, cause I’m also taking C++ at the same time, and I don’t want to have conflicting syntaxes. :smiley: Sorry to waste anyones time, but I couldn’t find the syntax online.

equal =
not equal <>
greater than >
greater than or equal to >=
less than <
less than or equal to <=

AND, OR and XOR can make complex tests.

&, ~, and other bitwise opperators are sometimes useful as well.

You should really download the manual. It is free in pdf format. The real paper book is worth the price too.

Joe J.

My school got the manual and printed it out, but I’m at home now, and I couldn’t find the URL for the manual. If anyone knows where to get the manual (pdf form), please tell me, cause I can’t find it. Otherwise, thanks for the help, cause I wasn’t sure about some of the operators.

Click the “BASIC Stamp Manual, Version 2.0c”, or right click and select “Save Target As”.

Ah, so that’s where Parallax was hiding it. :smiley: Thanks a lot, cause now I don’t need to post “stupid” question (yes, I know there’s no such thing as a stupid question) that kind of just waste time.