Another reason to like the EVO

In Midwest Regional SF2-2, our alliance activated the fourth rotor with our robot delivering the last gear in slow-motion. Some smart, effective, and heavy defense had caused one of our SMC valves to snap, releasing all of our air. The EVO gearbox reverts to a default speed (in our case, low gear) when that happens.

LOW gear is much more effective than NO gear.

Dang. Did that valve reside outside your bumper zone when that happened? Was an uninvited guest out for a leisurely stroll inside it?

An awesome feature that teams have been doing on their own for a little while. At this point, it ought to be standard on all shifting gearboxes!

The valve resides inside our bumper zone. We need to protect it better in the future.

The defense was vigorous. It is possible that a brief visit inside our robot’s bumper zone occurred, but I don’t fault the referees for not calling it. Our alliance won that match, and our pit crew got the broken valve replaced in time for the next one.

What advantages would a single acting standard hold over the double acting used by some already?

The EVO Shifter uses a spring return cylinder so that a loss of air pressure defaults you to a ratio, rather than risking your shifter going into neutral.