Another story of heartbreak turned into and outpouring of help

Just thought I would share this story as we approach the Alamo Regional. A rookie team out of Mexico, team 4603, suffered an unfortunate loss as the FedEx truck transporting their crate was hijacked before it crossed over the U.S. border, causing the team to loose everything. Thanks to the support of the Bronc Bots, team 3481, of Brandis High School here in San Antonio and numerous other donations from many teams in the region this rookie team will still be able to compete. Just another great example of how the effects of a terrible situation is turned around by the support and help of FIRST teams all around. Yet another story of Gracious Professionalism at its absolute best. This is true inspiration and yet another excellent reason of why I have been around FIRST for 11 years and counting now.


Simply beautiful.

Me too, that’s why I keep doing this.

Way to go Bronc Botz. This is what FIRST is all about. Good Luck to FRC Team 3481 and Rookie team 4206 and all the teams this week in the Alamo Regional. Team 704 is proud to count team 3481 as our friends.

I want to give a big shout out to the DiscoBots and the Bionic Tigers who have been spending most of the day getting the robot finished. As of now, they have a shooter and a 10pt hang.

Greg, would you mind posting a few pictures of the final bot later?

I’ve heard of unfortunate events, but this absolutely takes the cake.
Kudos to all that helped them out!
That robot looks like it could beat the majority of teams this season.:slight_smile: