Another suggestion for Brandon's to-do list

When I look at the “Word Association” thread, the single word posts get lost among the signatures. Would it be possible (without too much effort) to suppress all signatures for just this one thread?

I can add it to the end of the to-do list, but I honestly don’t see anything near the end of the to-do list being done any time soon [post-season?]. I’d much rather complete stuff that isn’t chit-chat/game related, like the new image gallery, white papers enhancements, the new part-swap system, etc.

Brandon, you seem to be slowing down.

ducks and heads for cover :eek:

Yeah, I’ll admit it… I’ve been taking a break. I hope to get some more things done in the near future, before other projects take over my time.

I did cross off one item from my todo list last night. You’ll notice that you can now sort the member list by Rookie Year, Team Role, and Team Number.

Brandon…you do a great job, no matter what anyone else says…and thanks for getting that member sorting feature up.

I agree. If it wasn’t for you wouldn’t there be no

how about a printer friendly way to print out a whole thread without signatures or avatars just their name and their post…

Click the ‘Thread Tools’ link in the upper area of each thread. There’s a ‘Show printable version’ link, which does just that.

It was here before I started. It would probably be here, just may look & function differently.

Obviously. Thanks. :slight_smile:

and how about that highlighted orange ‘happy birthday’ sign?

I’m serious. I’d love to see that back.

Now get working Brandon!!!

The birthday cake is all that we’re going to do for birthdays.
The orange highlighted ‘Happy Birthday’ isn’t coming back.

Allright, allright. I’ll just imagine it or something.

I’ll leave this dead horse alone now…

You know one has crossed a very special threshold in FIRST addiction when they have more posts than the CD47-Bot.

just wanted to point this out since it is also possible to sort by number of posts…

Just another quick suggestion (just to add). How about recieving reputation if you get a quote spotlighted or spotlight a quote. Also, how about a reputation incentive by getting 1/2 the reputation that you give (if Jack gives Jill 10 points, Jack gets 5 points).


The first one I like.

The second one, however, I don’t. Here’s the thing…I’ve got a pretty nice-sized stack of rep. If this happened, I could go on a rep frenzy, which increases my rep with each click, meaning I get more rep with each click. Thus we have a thing where the more rep you have, the more you can give yourself.

I’d be passing JVN in no time!