Another Unidentified Motor Crisis!

Hi everyone,

We have a motor that we are unable to identify and need help figuring out which brand/model it is. The gear is labeled but we do not know if the actual motor is legal. Here are a few pictures of the aforementioned motor. Thanks!

  • Team 611

That’s an old BaneBots motor and gearbox, which I think came in the 2007 kit of parts. The motor, you could check the numbers, and if you still don’t know, you could use a new RS550 type motor to replace it. The gearbox is an old KOP and COTS item, so it should be legal. You have to remove the pinion gear (or buy a new one) to be able to change the motor.

MrForbes is right, it looks like a 550 can size motor (probably Banebots 550) missing the outer sleeve attached to an old Banebots gearbox. They’re pretty old, and I only remember the gearboxes giving me problems.

We used a 125:1 Banebots gearbox like that in 2007, and it worked fine all season. We went to a lot of trouble to make sure it would not be overloaded, though.

Dr. Joe put a lot of work into them back in 2007.

We loved the old 36mm BaneBots gearboxes and used them on nearly every robot we built from 2006 to 2012. They were lightweight and inexpensive and worked great for light high-speed loads. We only stopped using them because they stopped being manufactured – if we had enough spare parts for them, we’d still be using them, as we really haven’t found a replacement for their specific niche.