Another very good day...and a FUN day

Well today is the Friday before shipping day. For most of us that just means we only have 2 or 3 more days to try and cram 40 hours of work into each 24 hour day and pull this all together…ok, maybe thats not the case for everyone but for rookies like us, or maybe just us…we still have a bit to do.

Anyway, today we got most of the shakedown squawks completed and finished some of the cosmetics and thought, maybe some more practice driving time would be good.

We started out by practicing inside, working in an area approximately the size of the field, with one bump and just wanting ot get a better hang of it.

Of course, the sun is out today and its relatively warm outside - nearly 50 - so one thing led to another and we took a dozen or so buckets outside and made a little slalom course and next thing we knew, we had wasted an entire hour or so, totally forgot about practicing on the game field and were doing donuts and racing the length of the parking lot.

I dont know that this will do us any good at regionals, we may end up with the lamest robot in 3 time zones and get our backsides handed to us but our goal has been to have fun, learn not only about robotics but learn HOW to create, manage and work as a team and to be able to stay loose and enjoy the experience.

Good luck everyone,