Another Vex Kit any teams intrested

I have anohter Vex kit for sale, if any teams are intrested its brand new unopened, and im selling it for 250 dollars. The price is 300 dollars at Radioshack no including tax so I think its a fair deal.

Hmmm, I might be interested because I want to start a VEX team in our city this year. Just curious, if I didn’t buy it now, where would I be able to get one from in the future?

Well if u intrested in buying it drop me an email [email protected], if not u can pick one up at ur local radioshack for 300 bucks plus tax

Our team might be interested will let you know

cool let me know when u decide

A better idea then make a thread for the selling of this would be to put it up on CD-Swap ( List it up there and see if you dont get a response.