Another year, another acceptable Thanksgiving email

Just your annual post to let you know that FIRST’s Thanksgiving email this year was wholly appropriate and not a problem like in the past. Thankful to folks who are thankful, for its own sake. Keep up the great work!


Thanksgiving is a time of joyful celebration, yet also a time of reflection. On this day of giving thanks, and all the days in between, we at FIRST® are extremely thankful for you.

We believe all kids deserve to recognize they are More Than capable of achieving any goal, exploring any role, and chasing any dream. Because of your support, together we help children around the world feel empowered to pursue their interests and dreams.

For these reasons and more, we want to thank you and remind you that without your dedication and generosity, none of this would be possible.

We are so thankful for your support. Wishing you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!


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Mark Giordono
Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations, FIRST®

As with last year, the video links to something donation related. However, it’s just a “thank you donors” video which I think does just as well as a “thank you volunteers” video.


Wow that was a nostalgic moment seeing the old ChiefDelphi theme!

Not quite sure I understand the issue with the email being discussed in that thread, but then again, I also don’t understand the passion Americans have for their Thanksgiving :woman_shrugging: