ANS: Charge Station Pivot Hinge assembly on wooden charge station?

Hi everyone! I’m a member of the 5822 Wolfbyte construction sub team, and I had a question about how to assembly a modification to the wooden charge station. The metal piece that can be ordered straight off Andy Mark doesn’t have an obvious installation onto the wooden charge station. I was wondering if anyone could give me a diagram or a short explanation? Thanks!

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Our hinges should arrive tomorrow; so, we haven’t finished assembling our charging station yet. That said, from reading TE-23300.pdf, there are several references to GE-23328 (which is the official part number equivalent to the AndyMark hinge) and how to assemble with that part.

Here is a video worth watching: Charging Station Swerve Drive Testing and Construction Ri3D Redux 2023 - YouTube

The metal hinges replace the parts shown in the circle on page 8 of the team-built element drawing.

Thanks, we ended up figuring it out

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