Answer to the 2005 clue?

Im not sure if it was said or not at kick off but what was the who coloration with the 2005 clue and the new game? I got the part about the tripple plays but what about the Pi you and me and the glasses?

well the glases could have been that we have the technology and the need to detect certain colors and tell the differece from on ecolor and another, and i have no idea where the pi you and me fits in sorry

They didn’t reference the clue at kickoff, and I must admit that I don’t see much of a connection either.


why amethyst coloured though?

Amethyst is the opposite color of yellow, the color of the plexiglass below the goals.

also you could think of the purple, amethyst as combo of red and blue-- you can stack them on top of one another-- i’m am still confused about the pi you and me too :confused:
then the glasses the whole vision thing was neat, you have to “look closely” to find the vision tetras and well pay attention who has the top stack

all well it was an interesting clue for an interesting game

good luck all

I cant believe i got the pyramid part right first!!!

—Could it be something with pyramids?

The Rock and Roll hall of fame is a pyramid shape if i can remember correctly and as previously posted the amethyst has a pyramid on it too. So maybe something in the middle of the field is a pyramid?—from game hint thread

Yea i was suprised how close we got to the answer
anyway what does the clue matter now that we have the game. the clue is basically just another way that first gives us to bang our heads against the wall

I think it’s just a way for them to make us bang our heads against a wall so we don’t spend time trying to crack the encryption on the files…

yea, altho the encryption files would take months to crack just using brute force, altho looking back on the password after you know the game it is possible to have gotten it by guessing altho very unlikely

When an example of autonomous was being shown (Dave was running this part I believe), the autonomous code was mentioned how you could program the robot to go a certain distance, turn pi over 2 radians then move again. Perhaps the pi was really just a bit of insight into the new autonomous capabilities.

After overhearing Dave post-Kickoff, here’s what I know…

  1. JN and GB were triple play references.
  2. An amethyst MOLECULE has a tetrahedral shape.
  3. Pi was a reference to three.

Our advisor who was at the kickoff had a video of someone who asked the same question. An amethsyt is a molecule that is a perfect tertahedron. Between pi and you and me is there are 2(1 = you + 1 = me) and 3.14 is 3 which is how many teams on an alliance. Thats what we found out from that video.

I thought we had to wear a special pair of glasses to make the colors more confusing. Glasses?

The odd thing is both off the men had the middle name off henry but that didn’t factor in at all :confused:

the color of the glasses could have been to help you draw the connection for the baseball unassised triple plays. If you look both George Burns and John Neun got their triple plays against Clevland a team’s whose color could be considered Amethyst

pi over 2 radians is just 90 degrees…turning a corner.

people keep mentioning that it has to do with the three on three game. pi is 3.14, and you and me is 2. 3 is between 3.14 and 2. the magic number this year seams to be 3!