Answered Prayers

Posted by michael bastoni at 05/17/2001 9:41 AM EST

Other on team #23, PNTA, from Plymouth North High School and Boston Edison Co.

Just a follow up to thank all of you who showed your concern, and shared your love…

Kurt is recovering, having received a new heart and lungs…Take a minute and share in his family’s, and his joy at being given a chance…Reflect please on the generousity of the donor and the life that was passed on to Kurt…and please consider that we all have the power to give life, to donate organs. Human knowledge and understanding, hard work and ceasless research has made this possible.

FIRST participants celebrate science and technology, you celebrate knowing and doing…you will command the destiny of the planet in good time…you will together change the world for the better…Kurt’s operation is an example of what is to be expected, it is an optimistic look into the future, it is a clear message of hope.

Kurts struggle is by no means over, but it is a struggle of hope and high expectations for Kurt, his family and all of us.

Thank you again for your prayers and good wishes. Kurt is alert and his sense of humor is intact, and I am sure he is aware of how many “Friends” he has…

For those who knew him, cards can be sent to The Giesslers at 500-1A Ivy Meadow Lane, Durham, North Carolina 27707.

There is still a long way to go…but he was given the chance to “compete” for life and he is an intelligent and gracious warrior, a kid who exemplifies what is best in all of us. Please join us in sharing his hope and expectations…and I am certain that Kurt will continue to use his prodigious gifts to make the world a better place for others, it is what he has always done…we are all grateful for his courage and your support.


Posted by Wayne Doenges at 05/18/2001 8:09 AM EST

Engineer on team #535, G-Force, from Huntington North High School and UT Electronic Controls.

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Posted by michael bastoni on 05/17/2001 9:41 AM EST:

Mr. B

I, for one, am glad that Kurt is doing well.
My prayers were answered in that Kurt got a new (used) heart and lung. I hope he goes on and leads a long and productive life. Not many people get a second chance.
Does Kurt have an e-mail addy? I’m not to good with going out and buying cards. I prefer e-cards.

From myself and Team 535 (G-Force). Kurt, “Live Long and Prosper”