Antenna Switch?

Are we allowed to change the antenna on the access point? our communication sucks without it.

You wont be using the access point on the field. At competition you will plug your controls into a wired network at the field, which your robot will connect to via wifi.

no access point at all? but… I only thought that you still use the access point but not the router…
so how does the cRio get the orders from the DS?

You’re talking about the on board wireless gaming adapter (bridge) (WGA600N or WET610N)?

Those don’t HAVE external antennae, theres no way for you to change it.

ok, so listen
We’re from Israel so we have different access points… what I’m asking is - is there a rule against changing the access point / ruoter’s antenna?

Ah. You would have to ask FIRST that. Its unlikely anyone here will know.

If it involves opening the equipment, see the following:

<R60> The control system is designed to allow wireless control of the ROBOTS. The Classmate PC, FirstTouch I/O module, cRIO-FRC, speed controllers, relay modules, wireless bridge, batteries, and battery charger shall not be tampered with, modified, or adjusted in any way (tampering includes drilling, cutting, machining, gluing, rewiring, disassembling, etc.), with the following exceptions:
H. Wires, cables, and signal lines may be connected via the standard connection points provided on the devices.
I. Fasteners may be used to attach the device to the OPERATOR CONSOLE or ROBOT.

(bold is my emphasis)

I’d say that’s most likely a no to changing the antenna. Ask in Q&A, though; you never know.