Anxiety Attacks Question

I searched, but that didn’t really have any info on them. So I decided to ask here. How would you know if you are having one? I do know that when you have anxiety attacks, you basically do know the cause of them. But how would you be able to determine if you are having one. Any resources would also be appreciated. Thank you. :slight_smile:

I’m not an expert or anything but my cousin has anxiety attacks ever so often. Usually it’s a quicken heartbeat, shakiness, and cold sweats or hot flashes. Not everyone experiences it the same. There’s a good website called that has information on symptoms and such. Click the links and such to find out more. You may want to try searching for “Panic Attacks” on webmd because they may have it listed as that and I’m almost sure that they’re the same thing. I also suggest looking at which has a list of symptoms for a panic attack.

While it doesn’t give the symptoms persay it does give you alot of information on anxiety attacks and possible causes for it. Go to and scroll down and look around. Useful information on one or two typical drugs prescribed to treat anxiety attacks as well.

You may just wish to search the internet and see what you can dig up. Talk to your family doctor about it if you think you might be having them or someone you know is having them as they’d be the best people to diagnois them and be able to help. I am not a doctor and I am only giving you a few sites I know of that contain information on the subject but before you or anyone else takes any type of drug or self-diagnoises…please consult a doctor.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ll check out those sites and see what I can dig up.

Try searching at . It has answered many of my health questions…

Honestly, I have anxiety attacks. I’ve been having them for the past few years.
Yes people who have them know the cause of them, but I dont feel like Chief Delphi is the place to disclose the cause of my attacks.
An attack can vary from lasting a few minutes to way over an hour. I know mine average around 20/30 minutes. The attacks can vary in symptoms. But heart rate always changes. You pull into a seclusion and twitch/shake…its really hard to explain. Its hard to remember exactly what you do during an attack…I only know what I do because I’ve been told because you go into a different state during one.

I can talk to you more about these on a personal level.