Any 2 Rotor Auto?

Has anyone see a 2 Rotor Auto? Getting 3 gears is easily doable, getting 2 pilots to place 3 gears within the 15 seconds seems to be tough.

No. This has not been achieved, the question is: will it be achieved?

im predicting it will happen by week 3 at the latest robotwise, the only bottleneck will be the pilots.

Our alliance had the potential for one, if we tuned our autos a little more before hand.

The #2 alliance at Granite State as about a half second too late to get the third gear on. We’ll definitely be seeing 2-rotor autos.

Interesting that 21 Alliances forgot to place the Reserve Gear, 6 times during the Playoffs.

Or, should I say forgot to place a gear in the Top Rotor.

Wow; didn’t realize you guys were that close!

I’d been expecting that the pilot time-crunch to get the 2nd rotor spun up would be too challenging to complete any time soon (or maybe even ever!), but if an alliance was that close week 1, I’m sure we’ll see it by week 3 or 4.

Do you have any video of this?

I was the pilot on this match. There were actually 2 instances where all 3 of our robots (2084, 3958, and 95) got auto gears placed. We were not actually as close as Sam was thinking. I pulled up 2084’s gear, put it in the top spot, then went over to grab 3958’s gear while 95’s pilot moved over to grab his own team’s gear. He managed to pull it up to the airship before auto ended, but it is nearly impossile to untangle it, then run to the other side of the airship, then spin the rotor 3x.

If there are 2 very fast auto scoring robots (that leave the gear on the lift and back away) and even one passive scorer, then this task is feasible. I will look for match video if I can. Had we maybe 5 more seconds, we could have done it.

Yeah that was my concern aswell, because you will see 3 robots that can place a gear during autonomous. But with 2 pilots it’s almost impossible to spin rotors in the 15 seconds you have. I bet we will see it but i think week 3+

That has to be a data collection mistake. I have a hard time believing 6 playoff alliances didn’t score any gears at all. Maybe related to the semifinal station issues and being run as test matches.

Here you go. I misremembered the timing. Pilot practice could easily fix this.

Plan for the last gear to be right below the rotor.
Pilot 1 should just drop their first gear and let Pilot 2 place it (maybe even just pull up the peg into the airship, and let Pilot 2 detach it). Pilot 2 then immediately moves to Peg 2 to start pulling it up.
After placing the first 2 gears, Pilot 2 waits to receive the gear from Pilot 1 (hand off is faster than Pilot 1 standing up).

If the center robot can place within 2 seconds, there might be enough time.

IMHO, there should be an additional 2 seconds to score in Autonomous for Gears and Fuel (first 2 seconds of Teleop scored like Autonomous). That would allow for Pilots to place and spin, and for fuel to be counted.

We considered doing this, but this requires the alliance to be 100% sure that two robots will score their gears at the least. Deciding in the heat of the match with only 15 seconds whether or not to abandon rotor 2 for the center rotor is tough to do. 3958 was also having some issues where they weren’t driving backwards and leaving the gear 100% of the time, so we had to be very careful.

I do think that if an alliance includes 3 consistent, fast auto-scoring robots then this strategy would work.

I was still thinking about scoring the center rotor first. In the video, the last gear was across the Airship from the 2nd Rotor.

I don’t think it is a good idea to leave the top rotor for last. You still have to spin Rotor 2 after placing the Rotor 1 gear. Easier just to place the Rotor 2 gear and start spinning it.

If you do save the Top Rotor for last, the Pilot standing up can quickly move a gear from Rotor 2 to the top at t=13 (2 seconds left in Autonomus). At that point, if the last gear is not up, you don’t have enough time to score it and spin.

I think that the winning alliance of ISR District #2 had a match where all of the robots hung a gear in auto but they didn’t have time to put them all in place.

Team 148 has been attempting a 2 rotor auto for every match they played so far at the Dallas Regional, they got really close in Qualification Match 24, but weren’t able to pull it off because the gear didn’t drop perfectly.

For what its worth, the #1 rotor gear slot is supposed to be on the midfield facing side of the tower, so you had a slight advantage there that wasn’t supposed to happen. They built the field incorrectly.

I think it’s “only” a 2 gear auto, not quite 2 rotors by themselves.

Still quite impressive.

One alliance did get a 2 rotor auto.

Note they also took a 25 point penality (so net -5 points vs doing it in teleop) for touching the airship gear, but it scored as 2 rotor auto.