Any 2 Rotor Auto?

The fact that they used the “free gear” looks like an honest mistake, but I don’t think this should be considered the first “2 rotor auto” since it used the “free gear” to start the 2nd rotor, rather than 3 gears delivered by robots (that then start 2 rotors in auto).

I think we may be the 1st alliance to complete a 2 rotor autonomous without using the reserve gear (correct me if I’m wrong). We accomplished this twice in the Greater KC Regional playoffs today. This was our second: Final score of 469 to 235. Thank you to our incredible alliance partners Team 1987 & 624. Amazing team work!

looks into the distance
Maybe some day

Woow, that was smooth. But i do see a red flag. And it seems blue got foulpoints for it? What happend?

May have kicked the reserve gear on the that one, but not the 1st one.

The auto foul was retracted, the head ref retracted it after talking to that ref. The foul points shown in the breakdown were for other stuff.

Teams 103, 4342 and 5420 completed a two rotor autonomous in Semis 2 Match 2 at Springside Chestnut Hill.

Thanks again to our amazing alliance partners.

This was extremely impressive to watch. I remember seeing it and turing to my coach and saying, “we have to play them in the finals???”

Once again congrats on the win, you guys had an awesome alliance and it was really nice to see two lower seeds upset other alliances and make it to the finals.

Sort of a side note. We at 1218 cannot thank team 103 enough for your help with our swerve code, without it we would have not done nearly so well and we are extremely grateful.

In the PCH district last weekend, the 2nd ranked alliance at Columbus was a second away as well… It is going to happen eventually. Maybe this weekend?

Teams 4188, 1746, and 6177 got all 3 gears placed and the pilots had turned the rotor 2 out of the required 3 rotations before the clock hit 0 for the end of autonomous, so they did get all 3 gears, but were just barely too slow for the 2nd rotor at the PCH Columbus event. They proceeded to score all 4 rotors that match. Watch the red alliance side:

3489, 1876, and 3824 successfully scored a two rotor auto during qualifications yesterday at smoky mountain regionals.

not sure if it’s the worlds first qual two rotor but i’m pretty sure it is


A two rotor auto was achieved at Waterloo in the 4th Semi-Final match, I don’t think there is any footage of it yet (besides the livestream) but they definitely achieved it.

3148, 2077, 1259 got two rotors spinning at Wisconsin Regional, quarter-final 4, match 3.

Here’s a twitch clip

That’s 3418 ; )

Yep, number 3 alliance at Waterloo semis, and finals

SF 2-2
Finals 2

Don’t forget finals 1.1

I’m thinking that 1987 has some sort of secret aura built into their robot that makes other robots and their human players move faster in auto…

Yes team 1987 once again successfully pulled off a two rotor autonomous during 1 of the 6 SF matches we played in Iowa. I think it was number SF 2-5. Shout out to our alliance partners 3528 Up-Next and 5809 the Jesubots for being great alliance partners.

That secret aura is one awesome pilot in the airship. I’m pretty 624’s pilot passed it to 1987’s pilot, and he passed it along to our pilot.

Now if only the rotors would have started spinning with that same efficiency, we would have had achieved two- 2 rotor autos in Iowa…In semi 2 match 6 we had 3-5 cranks on that rotor 2 handle before auto time expired, but that time it took 7 turns to get it spinning. :yikes:

What an intense series of matches!