Any 4 RP matches yet?

I am not aware of any 4 RP matches in Week 1. Have any happened yet?

Zero shield generators energized so far-- so not yet


Link to picture source in comment above

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Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe TBA does nightly updates on insights, so this may or may not be out of date

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The top of the insights page will show when it was last updated.

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Ah thank you much, didn’t know about that. so it looks like as far as matches go today, we still have no 4 rp.

I can confirm the shield generator energized RP was never achieved.

I think a color for position control was only assigned twice this week:
Great Northern q 15:
Palmetto sf 1-1:

Those are the closest anyone’s gotten so far.

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From what I have seen there have been a few matches that had enough PC’s but the wheel was not spun or the the color not spun.

We have reached 29 ball capacity several times during the game (earliest at 68 seconds left). However, even if we have planned to spin the wheel, it is super hard to see the shining LED stripe on the target. And the big score screen is also not very visible for drive team and coaches (one side needs to turn around, the other side totally cannot see).
Therefore, I think we need a better system of informing the driver about capacity.

Like the stack light right next to the wheel that turns ON when the Generator is at Capacity?

Both alliances did stage two in final two at Durham

Edit: miss read your previous statement my mistake

Wow we totally missed that, thanks for pointing out

Stage 2 activation does not assign a color, you only get assigned a PC color once 20 balls are scored after stage 2 is activated.

Miss read your original statement my mistake (read it as control panel used)

The stack light is oddly hard to notice… when it’s on it seems like it was always on, and when it is off it just looks like it is normal to be off. The delay on the register of when the wheel has been spun enough is also more than a second and even worse on the scoreboard. We ended up just counting yellows that went by.

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