Any Afterglow competitions Near Colorado Springs CO

I have a nephew and niece in Colorado Springs that I am planning on visiting this summer.

I would love to plant the FIRST Robotics seed in their hearts.

Does anyone know of afterglow competitions within driving range of Colorado Springs?

Do tell…

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “afterglow competitions”, but team 1339 is planning on hosting the Colorado Robotics Invitational for the first time this year. Unfortunately it is in September.

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Afterglow competitions are off season events. I thought it was a common reference but perhaps it is just me. I think it is an extension of the idea of an afterglow party back at the hotel after the official wedding reception has sent everyone home?

In any case, thanks for the tip about the Colorado Robotics Invitational. I will see if I can get out there and get my relatives to make the trip up to Denver from Colorado Springs.

Thanks again.


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