Any Bash @ the Beach Got Bot Shirts left to buy?

I forgot to bring enough money at Bash, so I was wondering if there were any available for purchase. I would pay for shipping, and whatever the cost of the shirt is for the trouble.


Oh, I wanted a blue faded short sleeved XL one. And/Or a crew shirt. :slight_smile:

i had the same question and i asked Michelle from teckno ticks if they had any left… she said that every single shirt was sold… now the only way to get a “got bot?” shirt is to trade… :slight_smile:

I have an XL blue faded short sleeve shirt (that was the only size left when i got around to buying a shirt). It’s huge on me, so I might be willing to trade.

I’m not going to make any promises, but I think i might be able to get my hands on some green Got Bot shirts. I’d be willing to trade for any shirt really. Let me know if anyone is interested. PM me, and dont tell the Techno Ticks Mentors :smiley:


You little sneak!!! :ahh: lol I love it!

I’d trade my green one, but it’s all cut and tied up the sides, i doubt anyone would want it, but it WAS worn by an authentic tick chick :cool:

I won’t tell the tick mentors if you won’t.

holy snap you’re clever mr. starkey. I have an extra green one- not even cut up! but it’s a medium. those faded blue ones were HOT!