Any camera you recommend for driving

Hi, my team is looking for a ggod camera for driving. We’re looking for something that gives us a high frame rate.

Is this possible? What are the max fps and resolution the radio link can handle?

Thanks in advance!

Jumping on this question - my team is also looking for a new camera, preferably something with a wider angle if possible.

Thanks in advance.

use a different transmitter something like
a 5.8 GHz transmitter with any camera you want

( Joking )

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We’ve used this camera before. Pretty good balance of quality, cost, ease of implementation.

yea we use those as well but they have quit the delay
( not sure if it from the radio link )

15/10 would recommend

jevois is really nice, but kinda pricey

i have had some success using tiny cameras ( really small ones ) mainly used for FPV Drone
( this year i am using a set of drone googles with these camera ) they have very low latency

also resolution is good enough to see words through laptop screen

Seconded on the Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000

We have used these for a few years now and they are pretty good, especially for their low price.

Can you go more into detail with that? First person viewing is definately something we have been wanting ti achieve. We have a game design ckass at our school who helps us with our programming, and they have been wanting to implement a virtual reality effect for the robot. Could this hardware be used to pan and tilt the camera? Can you post some links?

I’ve been looking at a jevois. What are its benefits?

Our team had a jevois, and it’s main selling point is that it had an onboard processor for things like vision. But there is an insane amount of debugging in order to get it working with roborio. I just switched to limelight once our team had the money.

Making a video explain and showing how it all works

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