Any Chairman's teams want to help us?


Team 3641 is holding fall training classes, and we have three courses related to chairman’s. We have new chairman’s mentors, and over 20 new people to our team. It would be nice to have a chairman’s group from another team come and share their views/take on this subject. It can be a chance to collaborate, discuss, or show & tell.

If you are interested, we have Monday Nov 7th, 14th, 28th, Dec 5th, & 12th, from 6:30-9pm. Contact me at:

I sent an e-mail to your ‘southlyonrobotics’ email address. Feel free to also PM me if you have any questions.


Exploding Bacon is interested.
I sent you an email through the contact form. Look forward to hearing from you.

Great idea. Hope it is a success.

General comment. When I looked at your note to see if any local teams were interested, since you have only your city listed, it was hard to determine who is near you. Putting a state in your location is a big help.

I can help a little. These guys are in South Lyon Michigan
This is Northwest of Detroit…

They were one of our alliance partners (the captain) on Newton in 2015
Nice team