Any championship event near...

I was wonder if there is a championship event in California. Or if there is any chapionship around Califorina. I’m not talking about the championship at Geogia. But the championship has to relate to F.I.R.S.T.

Do you mean regionals in CA?
Sacramento Regional, Davis, CA 3/3/05-3/5/05
**Silicon Valley Regional , ** San Jose, CA 3/24/05-3/26/05
**Southern California Regional, ** Los Angeles, CA **3/31/05-4/2/05
Here is where all the regionals in the U.S and Canada are located at.

The only “championship” during the FIRST season is held in Atlanta, Georgia. There are several FIRST regional events during the season in California. You can find out about them here. 2005 FIRST Regional Events

Or just visit for any other information relating to the FIRST Robotics Competition.

I was talking about championships, not regionals. I heard rumors about championship held in Disney in California, but I cannot conform it yet…

That was strictly a specualtive rumor for consideration of the future years in FIRST.
Nothing more.