Any Chobits Fans?

I just finished watching the 26th episode of chobits and i wanted to know what others had thought of it (assuming that you have seen it) For those who haven’t it is a very good anime by Clamp. It features a pretty persocon (A humanoid robot) name Chii by the main character Hideki. She is a special persocon that is being hunted by other people. You should see it :). Anyway, anybody have any thoughts of the show in general? I personally liked the ending as is wasn’t as depressing as many anime endings are.

I love this story line! It’s absolutely hi-larious. I haven’t watched the anime, though. I have only read the manga. All the same, I think it is VERY kawaii!


my friend picked up the manga in calefornia when she was there for a girl scout conference or something and its completely in japanese so she can’t read it. she just looks at the pictures and say how cute they are :rolleyes: good series :slight_smile:

I watched the first episode to chobits…it was kinda…um…wierd…but my friend really likes it…i think he has the whole first season on his computer…

Well, I wish I could see it and/or download it… but alas, I am not allowed. We have one store in this dinky little town that we call Hastings. And basically it’s 'If Hastings doesn’t have it, we can’t get it.

I have a few friends who are obsessed with Chobits. As a result, I’ve downloaded episodes 1-10, haven’t watched them yet (no time :() But I will this weekend, and see how it goes. I’ve heard only good things about it, except the video series lacks a few things compared to the manga, e.g. certain details, some colors are a bit awkward, etc. But overall I’ve heard it’s good.

I’ve now watched episodes 1-14, and dang am I obsessed. I’ve not been this addicted to an anime since i watched Neon Genesis Evangelion for the first time. I want a persocon too! Sumomo is the cutest thing!

Exactly what is Chobits? I’ve never seen it, though it sounds interesting from your conversations. Yes, I’m addicted to Anime :smiley: , yet strangely haven’t seen this “Chobits” series or manga anywhere :frowning: Do you know of any good websites where I can find info / purchase some episodes?

Without giving too much away…

Chobits is the name of these special persocons (human robots). One of these was found in an alley by hideki and her memory ws erased. he starts teaching her about the world again and romance ensues :)… My friend is gonna let me borrow all of the episodes on cd’s so i have em all. joy It isn’t liscensed over here yet so you can still dl it. My sugestion is to try downloading some of em from IRC or some other medium and see if you like the series. I hear the manga is even better. Check out . Personally it grew on me the more i watched. If only it was longer… Chii?

It’s 12:10am here and i just finished ep. 26… Maybe it’s because i’m an extraordinarily sensative guy, but I cried during this episode, because it was that well put together. The art is fantastic (simply because it’s CLAMP), but the plot and storyline were phenomenol. Why is it that Japanese cartoons (anime) teach their children about the values of life, and deep spiritual messages (from what i’ve seen in Chobits, Serial Experiments: Lain, and Neon Genesis Evangelion), while American cartoons are primarily based on sex, violence, vulgarity, and slapstick humor? Just a thought.

I still say Sumomo is the cutest thing in the world!!

/me runs out and buys all the Chobits manga in existance.