Any Doctor Who/Sherlock/Merlin fans out there?

I’m probably not the only one, but I just want to know if there’s some Whovians, Sherlockians, and Merlin fans in the North Eastern FIRST domain who are planning to attend the Regional and District events as well as St. Louis.

Totally hoping there’s a big group of us!

(Superwholock is also acceptable ^w^)

And btw…I like your shoelaces :cool:

I am a whovian and sherlockian, but i live in california

Unfortunately the only regional I’m going to is Palmetto. So unless we both make Worlds. The chances of meeting aren’t guaranteed.

Whovian here. Planning to attend NYC. Do you think one of these would fit in the pit?

Oh my god. I want that. Now.

Wholockian over here, although I’m in Florida going to both Florida Regionals and Virginia Regional (3 in a row, yes I’m insane) and if my team makes it to St. Louis I will be going. Hope you find some in your area!
Dude… want! I want practically every Doctor Who ThinkGeek product. It’s just sad.

if i was into doctor who last time i was able to get something from thinkgeek, i would have gotten it

I’m a Whovian and I love Merlin but I live in Kansas. Although I should be volunteering at Championship since I’m so close but that depends on if I can get off work.

Well I’m on team 365 and we’ve been attending the Championship every year since we’ve gotten into the Hall of Fame so if any of you guys are gonna be there then let me know!! We could have a giant geek-meet-up or something!

THAT DALEK IS AMAZING!!! If pits weren’t so gosh darn small then maybe! I’d totally want a dalek in our pit!