Any Envirothon-ers/FIRSTers out there?

How many of you FIRSTers are also involved in the Envirothon Competition?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the program, Envirothon is an environmental science competition. It parallels to FIRST in some ways, except that it is for environmental science. Basically, the way Envirothon is run is that each state/province holds a competition, and then the first place winners of the state/province competitions advance to the championship, which I believe is held at some time during the summer. Here is the website:

Today was my state (CT) Envirothon competition - I feel that we did extremely well for being in only our second year of participation. We placed fourth overall, out of 31 teams, and we won first place in both forestry and the oral presentation (current issue). I was especially happy because I chose to “major” in forestry, and it felt awesome to win first place my first year on the team. I also was so proud of how well my team worked together for our oral presentation. I want to congratulate all of my team members for doing such an awesome job putting it together.

I would love to see how many other FIRSTers there are who also have an interest in environmental science, and participate in this program! Half of my Envirothon team is also on the robotics team… we get alot of students on both teams with a general interest in science, and who enjoy the challenge of the competition.

If you are involved in Envirothon, how did you and your team do this year?

What subject area (Forestry, Wildlife, Aquatics, Soils, Current Issue) did you personally focus on?

– Jaine

Im on my school, envirothon team as well as my counties robotics team. This year my envirothin team won first place at our regional competition and will be heading to the maryland state competition.

i’m not but i have a friend that was on our team this year at south fork…

I’m on envirothon too! We won county level hands down with a first in i think Aquatics, Soil and Forestry (i’m forestry!) and first overall. But we didn’t to that great in states. I forgot what it was…this was before spring break. But we’ll do better next year. This was my second year on the team – so it’s not bad. We have to recruit some freshman for the team though, that’s going to be a headache. But hey, what can i say? I like envirothon. It’s hard managing envirothon and robotics at the same time though…the comptns were two weeks apart this yr.

I was until now… I am getting ready to graduate… soil was my part my freshman and sophomore year which we got the award for both year. :slight_smile:

So this is the re-post. I particularly like soils. I am also interested in finding out other teams oral presentation topics.

Ours was preserving and managing People’s State Forest with and emphasis on attracting youth to the site.