Any extra 12.5" pneumatic wheels?

We decided to try 4x kit pneumatic wheels, but we don’t really want to wait the week or so it takes skyway to get them to us. If any teams local to Saint Louis have two they aren’t using, we would like to buy them. Also, if any non-local teams would like to sell them, we can pick up shipping/handleing.

We are calling suppliers in town now, but if anyone can help us out, PM me and I will give you the info and a phone number or two.

I am going to tell you right now that the new wheels are very bouncy. We decided to go with a 4 too. It looks cool but we still have to finish mounting motors and see how it turns

Team #538 would probably be willing to sell them (2 or 4) and dump them in the mail ASAP (we’re in north Alabama … it should be pretty quick).

If you’re interested, call our sponsor, Wendy Duffey tommorrow at (256) 586-6026. (Thats the number to the high school, you’ll have to ask for Mrs. Duffey. Lunch time is the best time to reach her.)

Thanks for the PM’s and replies, people!

Talk about gracious professionalism in action.

Our 12" wheels are not being used. They are trade bait for anyone wanting to trade for 2004 Fisher-Price motors. We plan to use these for backup motors in case either of our 2 burn out.

Frank (or anyone else), if you want to trade, just PM me.

Andy B.