Any Firefighters/EMTs out there?

How many people in FIRST are firefighters and/or EMTs?

I am a FF-1 Firefighter and EMT-B from PA, just outside Philly.

How about you guys? Maybe some shirt/patch trading?

As of right now I’m a Jr member on our local fire dept … (I’m not 18 yet) … I mostly do radio operations and help out wherever i can. its defiantly rewarding


I guess ill add that I am 18 and full interior certified. As well as a vehicle rescue guy and hazmat guy.

I am an EMT-B certified in the state of NJ
I am currently on an ambulance squad, but because I am 17 I am still considered a cadet

I am a full time paid Fire Fighter / EMT in Delaware and am about 2 months away from completing my paramedic degree. What township do you work in outside of Philly?