Any good FIRST jokes?

I was thinking if anyone has any funny, CLEAN, FIRST Jokes… one I saw was one of those valentines day eCards that said “You come FIRST in my heart” and it had Dean Kamen on it.


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I believe you misinterpreted the meaning of good FIRST jokes. :stuck_out_tongue:

[At Einstein’s house]

Knock knock.

Who’s there.

Mecanum wheeled robot.

Einstein walks away.

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Idk, we all played along…

What did the scouts say about the rookie team?

They can’t be truss’ed.
(I’m a sucker for a bad pun)

What is the engineering mentor’s favorite museum?

The museum of tolerance.

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FIRST world problems

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Mecanum is the most GP drivetrain in FIRST. It lets you decide where it goes.

I want robotics season to be over so I can finally take a break… but we’re going to worlds.

FIRST Worlds problems.

Last week of classes is next week… but I’m attending worlds
… at least it isn’t finals week like it usually is

What drive train will the first New Zealand team have? A kiwi-bot.

Tries to ship robot out for St. Louis today. Almost doesn’t make it because of snow day. < This is serious, though.

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(Working hard on robot, calling for us to get que’d, potential scouters come)

“May we help you?”

“Ummmm Do you have any buttons? :)”

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Mecanum’s are Emily Post polite, everybody else goes first.

On our team is a golf club, telephone receptionist, John Calipari, and Yo-Yo Ma. They’re our drive team.

I tried to play a prank on 1714, but they saw right through it.

I would do a 254 pun, but that’d be just too cheesy.

Game hints :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you hear the one where 2056 lost?


Me either.

Mecanum is so GP you let other robots drive your robot.