Any H.S teams plan to do a Lipdub for 2012 ?

I saw one that had a FIRST Robotics team featured on the Lipdub, but I did not take down the name of the H.S…

Anyone in the FIRST Robotics community planning to do a Lipdub for 2012 ?


If you mean this video, it would be team 224.


Very cool !!!. Thanks for the link.
The one I saw had FIRST Robot team in the beginning of the video.

I plan to keep a track of all the videos on this thread…

NJ : 2011 Pistcataway H.S. 03:07 to 03:11
Title : Piscataway High School THINK-RESPECT lip dub 2011

<Old guy says> Do I even want to know what a Lipdub is? I’m not sure it’s even legal in Alabama :wink:

wow, I wasn’t aware anyone knew about our lipdub (youtube link by me)
as a matter of fact, we did the lipdub twice. The first time we had a good 10+ seconds just for the robot, but the second time, well you see how much time we got.
If your school is considering to do it, I suggest pitching it in the name of a world records, as we did.
It also helped that NJ requires 2 annual bomb evacuations, so we scheduled the lipdub to be on that date

Hello kinganu123,

Thanks for the info. Is there a link to the first one with the 10 seconds ?

Congrats on the world record, that’s cool.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !


Unfortunately, no
PSTV, our school’s video club, decided to stick with the second one, so they pretty much deleted the first one and made finishing touches to the second one

And same to you too :slight_smile:

Our school did one last year, unfortunately it was “Firework,” though, and the team ended up not participating. It’ll be hard to do it next year, considering it’s gonna be a water/magnet game.

We’re in here:

We’re the ones with… the robot. k you got that.


Thanks for the link, yup this was the one I saw.

Team 3238 WA : 2011 Anacortes H.S 0:23 - 0:34
Team 224 NJ : 2011 Pistcataway H.S. 03:07 to 03:11


PS : Anyone in the state of Iowa, has done a Lipdub ?