Any help using an SVN Server

Recently I setup and got working an SVN server, provided by my web host on my server. I can connect using my SVN applications (SVNx) but when I attempt to configure my other programming computers with it (using Windriver workbench) it refuses to work. I have followed the guide from section 4 of the documentation and installed SilkSVN but when i try to connect through workbench it says it can’t load my default SVN application.

Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone know how to fix it?



I would go for a free SVN service like Origo.

Check out their site at:

It also gives you the option to keep it closed source.

Also, Tortoise SVN is a very good SVN client and I would suggest it rather than any in-compiler options there might be.

I acutally fixed all my problems right after I posted this =p
Thanks for the other SVN, and we have been using Tortoise SVN for a while now I just forgot about it.


Wind River seems to work best using CVS… I have a CVS server running and working PERFECTLY with Wind River - if you want me to host your code, I’m more than willing to do so at no charge. I would give you your own logins and a network drive if you want as well. The only thing you would need to do is have Hamachi installed (FREE) on your PC so that you can connect to my VLAN which is encrypted by 128bit SSL. I could even walk you through the entire setup. BTW- over Hamachi, the CVS server would be accessible anywhere you have internet access.

Private Message me,
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