Any human player stategies?

I am the human player for FIRST Team 302 and I was looking around for some useful stategies to use. Is anybody using gloves to help grip the tubes while throwing? If so, what kind? (biking, shop, etc.). Any thowing ideas/ techniques? Thank you for your ideas!

I have found that the most effective way to throw the tubes (by careful observation of the better human players from the stands) is to throw the tube overhead and perpendicular to the ground. Doing this, our human player can throw them into our safe zone.

Yeah, throwing the tubes tomahawk style seems to be the best idea for range and accuracy. otherwise the tubes go all over the place and I’ve seen some bad penalties because the human players were just throwing then helter-skelter.

There was one human player at the Alamo Regional that hit the scoring table with over half of his throws. This method is suboptimal.

<T25> seems to be saying no gloves, but I’m not 100% sure.

Score on your opponents rack to break up their logos. I’m only half kidding and no idea if this is legal.

Correct, that would be an item of equipment meant to give an competitive advantage, which is not allowed.

Totally illegal:

<G39> ROBOTS and FEEDERS may not SCORE on their opponent’s PEGS or descore their opponent‟s GAME PIECES, or interfere with their opponent‟s TOWERS. Violation: PENALTY plus RED CARD.

Do **not **do this, you will get DQed

Well I hit the scorers table during a semifinal match! It was funny, its up on youtube even. I only did it once cuz the square was totally flat. Tomahawk style one handed seems to work for me the best though. I dont understand why everybody’s throwing over head with two hands?:confused:


Our human player throws two hands over his head, vertically. The intent is to have the square or circle roll to the our scoring rack, so we can just pick them up and score them without a mass amount of driving. Quick scoring.

I don’t even see why you guys are throwing the tubes? Its giving your a opponent a chance to pick them up and score. Also it clutters up the field with tubes making it hard to drive plus there some penalty’s you can get. Just feed the tubes through the slots. :o

Oh how much you have to learn young Padawan.



I add rotation into my throw. I kind of whip it to add spin so it’ll roll or bounce into the safe zone. It goes into the safe or warning zone 90% of the time! I even scored on the mid post too!:smiley:
Kinda depends on personal preference and robot capabilities.

There are a surprising amount of teams that can’t pick up off the floor. However, if you rely on the feeder lane, I push a tube into the lane, and you can no longer get to the slot. that has seemed to work surprisingly well in some of the regionals so far. plus, I’ll take a 5-6 second throw, pick up tube, and score versus a 10-20 (a lot of times more than that!) second drive get tube from slot, try and maneuver back to your zone, hope no one is defending you, then try and score. I’d take the former any day.

OK Brandon check this out wait for the last ten seconds.

true, but it all depends on the robots. most people throw cuz its bringing the tubes to them and a opposing robot can easily trap you inside your isolated zone while ur team goes without that precious tube. Plus if you throw, you could knock other tubes out of the opposing bot’s hands (or just hit them for fun.) :wink:

When all else fails, just shift into crawler gear and push!

Another question I had was what the human player in the analyst position does.

Is it just the human player the other teams in the alliance assume to have worse throwing skills or are there other factors going into the decision about which human player is an analyst?

Hard to tell from the videos.

Extra Eyes

Extra eyes is great – but to communicate with who? The coaches, the drivers, their own team/alliance teams, the feeders at the other end?

Did anyone competing last week have a helpful (or even great!) analyst in any of their alliances?

There’s actually a thread with some insights on the analyst role. At Week 1 most teams didn’t use them much at all, though in some cases I and some other coaches found them helpful for communicating with Feeders.