Any Ideas for this season that you want to share or get feedback on?

Post ideas you want to share or get feedback on here because I keep seeing several posts about the same ideas where people want feedback or just want to share them so it is best if all the ideas are in one convenient spot. For example a popular idea is to carry bots together by chaining them by having so bots have rungs on them and bots grab them with an arm or hook or something and then the bot that is carrying them climbs up using an arm or something that grabs the towers rung.

Another is what if you have 2 arms like a forklift has that grabs totes and can open and close like many teams have done for recycle rush but then have so it is attached to an accordion type thing that lifts it up and then puts it above the platform and then the arms “opens” or “lets go of the cube” so it falls or lands on the platform.

Any feedback for the previous 2 ideas/designs?