Any ideas for what we can do?

So… our team is in the tightest spot we’ve been in for years. Mechanical has STILL not finished with the robot and electrical still has to wire stuff! And theres 3 days left! Programming has not even tested one bit of our code. We don’t know if anything works.

We’ve pretty much finished all our classes and methods.

We’re already probably not going to a joint practice field, but is there something programming could be doing while waiting thats really productive besides playing Minecraft?

Its a little late for this but you could build a test board if you have a spare crio, digital sidecar, and fuseboard. If you could build one you could test out your sensors and small chunks of your code. If you have a similar robot from a previous year lying around you could work with that as well. Like I said, its a little late but every bit of productivity counts.

If you’ve got extra control parts, you could throw together a test bed and make sure the correct jaguar lights are turning on when you power it all up. My team built a separate simple chassis that just drives with a camera so I could work on vision tracking code while they built the actual robot.

Don’t panic. Yesterday our robot left for a scrimmage at 5pm with ZERO electronics because we wanted to finish mechanical so no metal got in the electronics. By the end of last night around 10:30 we were 95% wired and ready to go after an hour the next morning.

Steps to help!

Get EVERYTHING laid out. Every wire, every jaguar, every solenoid, make sure you have EVERYTHING including connectors, and make sure everything is updated and ready to go!

Have a general idea of where things go and once mechanical is done, lay EVERYTHING out on the robot and start attaching. We grabbed mechical guys including myself to attach electronics while the electrical guys made wires, directed, and attached everything.

If you need anything mechanical: battery box, extra levels, attachment points, etc get them done now by mechanical.

Essentially have everything done and ready to go and check your list twice or three times! We got held up as we forgot a few items but we stayed focused and on task! Most importantly don’t get flustered or angry, work together. I know it sounds cheesy but week 7 brings out the worst sides of people.

Whats more important? Getting it done right or getting metal shavings in a sidecar and dying in a match? Its a horrible reality when it happens.

After about 6 hours of wiring and debugging we got all this done!