Any ideas for what we can do?

So… our team is in the tightest spot we’ve been in for years. Mechanical has STILL not finished with the robot and electrical still has to wire stuff! And theres 3 days left! Programming has not even tested one bit of our code. We don’t know if anything works.

We’ve pretty much finished all our classes and methods.

We’re already probably not going to a joint practice field, but is there something programming could be doing while waiting thats really productive besides playing Minecraft?

You can take solace in the fact that you aren’t alone. Have your programmers written vision acquisition code for a camera yet?

Absolutely! You can fire up the cRio without the mechanical crew being finished. Just disable all the outputs and use indicators to check your code functionality. We do it all the time.

Do you have robots from years past that still have their cRIOs installed? We often test our code using old robots, by making ‘debug’ branches off of our code that suit themselves to the actuators of the robot on which we are testing. This often means that we need to comment out certain subsystems, functions, or inputs for a given robot. It also means that we will sometimes install sensors, such as a temporary gyro for testing our “drive straight” algorithm on an older robot.

You can also run your cRIO without it connected to any actuators as Tom Line suggested, although demonstrating that your codebase is functional on another real, breathing robot can provide a morale boost.

I would have your electronics members and have them make you a test board. Instead of powering motors you can use cathodes to test code.

It helped our team out a good amount in fixing issues.

Good luck,


Just the diagnostic lights on the spikes, jags and victors will help to debug your code. You can turn pots and encoders manually and see if the inputs make sense. You can make sure you are processing data from the driver station correctly. If you have a custom dashboard, you can feed it fake data and test much of that. Much of the vision functions can get tested, our team hooked up a little servo (to an old robot) to test their tracking code (since they could not turn the turntable till yesterday).

Good luck!