Any ideas on how to slow a robotic arm rotating around horizontal axis?

My team and I (7479) have been having trouble trying to slow down a robotic arm for the 2023 FRC challenge, and we were hoping someone may have any brilliant ideas.
We have an encoder on the arm as well. Haven’t figured out a code implementation that would help, either.

Run the motor slower? It’s hard to diagnose what’s going on until we know what you’re already doing. For example, are you running position control in some way, or are you driving by pure open-loop voltages?


More gear reduction will make this easier! Setting a maximum Voltage applied to the motor will limit the speed.

Bigger sprocket on the arm.

We did not have a larger sprocket at the time of going to competition, however we did procure one there. We added the sprocket and things looked better, but still not ideal. One thing I was not aware of was actually turning on brake mode on our victor SP motor controllers.
I appreciate the feedback, thank you!