Any LA FRC Teams Selling Supply Transportation for Houston FRC Championships?

Hey all, I’m from team 2584 and we made it to worlds this year, yay, but we haven’t any effective way to transport our equipment to Houston? We were wondering if any teams in the greater Los Angeles region are selling space in a truck or something similar that would allow us to transport our pits. We are from Calabasas California.

This is how we transport our stuff from the LA area:

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Fly Southwest and have every team member pack a bag of robot stuffs! Did this in 2013. Works if you don’t mind using the table they provide and bumming drill press and band saw time from other teams.

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To expand on this and on my photo, everyone gets two Southwest bags. A tote constitutes as a bag. So do small drawers as long as you shrink wrap them or otherwise prevent them from opening. You can also buy some really cheap shelves once you arrive in Houston to organize the totes you bring and donate it to a local team.

How much does it cost your team?

Not sure what cost you are referring to. On Southwest, everyone gets two free checked bags. Most of our students take 0 (they’ll carry on). Even if students take one, there are still plenty of available bags to use.

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Oh. You meant L.A.

Took me a second to realize that as well :joy:

Is there a way limit on the checked totes?

Standard luggage limit, as I recall. Checked bags do have a weight limit.

Weight limit is the standard 50lbs each.

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