any mentors in Cleveland, OH area looking for a team?

I realize most everyone out there is busy preparing for their regional events, but if you catch this thread and have contacts in the Cleveland area, please refer them to it.

If there is one thing (there are actually many) we learned in our 2013 rookie season, it is that teacher power alone is not enough to be competitive in FRC. It is with this realization in mind that we set a path for growth:
We have built some local educational partnerships with folks at Tri-C, NASA Glenn and GM. We are training young students in LEGO and VEX platforms to build skills and confidence. Additionally, we have worked very hard in the past year to get our team on sound financial footing, and organize our team operations.

We are grateful for our new mentors who have been a huge help in our 2014 sophomore effort. We recognize that now the key factor in our program’s growth is the recruitment of several additional talented mentors. Our greatest need is in mechanical engineering and CAD, but we would love to meet anyone who would like to help our young team grow. We’ll be at the Buckeye Regional again this year, so stop by our pit if you’re in town… Thanks for your consideration!


I am not in your area at all (I’m an engineering/technical mentor on team 4557) but I have to say your words are inspiring! If I were in your area and I wasn’t already a mentor, I would jump at the chance to be on team that has the kind of drive that you are displaying.

Your words are definitely the I in FIRST!
I am sure you and your team will be successful not only in your hunt for mentors, and the current season, but for many to come!

I smell a chairmans award in your future!

The best of luck to you and your team.

Thank you for your encouraging words, dradel!
I think we have a long way to go to earn such an honor, but we’ll keep working toward it. All the best to you and team 4557!