Any Mentors/Students with Eastern Michigan University Ties?

Eastern Michigan University’s communications staff is looking for students and/or mentors with EMU ties for possible inclusion in a story about the April 12-14 Michigan State Championships which will be held at Eastern. Are you an EMU alum who is now mentoring a team? Are you a high school student who will be attending EMU in Fall 2012 or who already attends Eastern and has been involved in FIRST? If so, please let me know and I will connect you, or email them at

Hello, My name is Tyler Hicks and I am currently a freshman at EMU. I was on FRC Team 1918, the NC Gears, for my entire high school career. I’m pursuing a degree in Aviation Flight Technology here at EMU and I thought I’d get in touch with you. Is it too late to help you out?

Hi Tyler

I know that Eastern did get three different people offering to do an interview. They sent a photographer to the arena to take photos on Friday.
Try emailing them at the address in the post. Maybe they could still use you. Thanks for the offer.