Any new team looking for advice/assistance click here!

Hey everyone,

Team 3015 is getting ready for its second year of FIRST robotics and we are more eager than ever to share our experience of our year as a rookie team with those who may face similar challenges in the upcoming season. We would be willing to “mentor” any new team in the FRC program via email or phone for the 2010 season. If there are any new teams interested please post a reply and we can set up a line of communication. Although we don’t know everything, we have learned a lot that can certainly make the first year experience a little less overwhelming.

I hope to hear from you soon!

The teams that need the most help are not on ChiefDelphi .

Find a team nearby and ask if they need help. Your mentor can login to TIMS and find a contact email for the team.

Ok, thanks for the advice. I will have our mentors look around.

Contact the Senior Mentor and offer to help.

Welcome to CD Ben!

I’ve been encouraging team 3015 to all get accounts. The wealth of knowledge here is incredible- and I suggested to him he take a look at the new team forums.

Thanks all for the feedback!