any one stuck @ home instead of nats?

Hey all I’m one of the many sad people that aren’t able to participate and go to nationals this yr. All bc of the stupid odd # team even # yr rule. this is my sr yr so i am esp sad. what are you guys doing instead of being at nats? anyone watching it online?

A working web feed? Ya right, I have yet to run into one of those.

I’m stuck at home to. This place sure does quiet down during nats doesn’t it?

-Andy A.

member of the teamless checking in… not being there for the first time in 5 years wasn’t so bad until I get a call from another on my cell phone “hello from nationals pit arena!!” thankfully it was a voicemail, or I would have been tempted to hang up I think…

~ lora

Working webfeed courtesy of NASA is located at:

I shall be watching for sure.

…and I think we should throw a party somewhere for everyone who’s not in Florida…Who’s with me?

Webfeed… now that’s kinda funny… my 56k has issues keeping me online and loading pages with a few graphics, never mind video and sound :wink: Ahh, no matters. For me at least, it’s not the competition that matters - it’s the experience and the people. Neither of which you get in a real player stream.

~ lora

But the experience is the competition…lol

and Real Player is gonna have to do for this year…

*Originally posted by Harrison *
But the experience is the competition…

Then you are missing quite a bit I think… the actual competition is only a very small thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

The competition is the climax of a lot of things.

Building, designing, testing, etc. are all thrilling for sure…But nothing matches the excitment of being out on the field watching your creation win.

Stuck at home.
I luckly have the NASA channel via Cox Cable, and several computers on which to watch multiple feeds over my cable modem.
I had a moment of panic when my mom told me she had volunteered me to house sit from noon on Friday to Sunday morning.
Forunatly, they have DirectTV, and channel 376 is the NASA channel. It isn’t listed, and I had to look real hard on the website to find it, but it worked. :smiley:
It gets even better: they have a 62" HDTV.
No dinky little boxes for me.
And they have DSL!
/me is no longer upset about being volunterred to housesit.


Home, but not forgotten.

*Originally posted by Harrison *
**…and I think we should throw a party somewhere for everyone who’s not in Florida…Who’s with me? **

Let’s Party! Hmm…hold on Toronto to Manchester, a little far. :frowning: Yeah, I’m stuck home too. My entire team is :frowning:

Oh well.

Wait for me Harrison let me just jump on a jet and I’ll be to Toronto in no time. jk a party would be sweet though. Anybody in MI can come visit me and we’ll have our own party. any body like chocolate syrup? :smiley: jk.

I’m gonna hold you to that Rachel :wink:

i would love to party but what kind of party is it?:wink:

lol, we’ll have to figure that out at some point I guess…

I wish I was down there.

Oh well, next year a guess…

and in an even year, I may just go down myself, just to check things out.

Why not have a party riht here, right now?


  1. Grab a can of your favorite soda

  2. Make a toast to whatever you want

  3. Drink deep the nectors of life

  4. Go outside and look at the moon: its bright and beautiful

  5. go on AIM, and talk to people, becuase it beats the heck out of talking to yourself!

–thsi post, definitely a 9/10 on the wierdness scale

That’s a nice idea Ben unfortuneately I’ll miss nationals tomorrow too bc I have mandatory pre-orientation for MSU tomorrow. but i’ll be on AIM i’m sure. feel free to IM me anyone. enjoy nats for those who get to watch.

Or, join tigerbolt chat and comisserate with the other ‘left behinds’


Only the loney

Ben, thats over a 9 on the wierd scale…But I will (as always) be on AIM…

Well i got stuck at home because my team said the freshman were to immature to go on a bus and stay away from home, They treat me like i’m 8. . . Well i’ve got the webfeeds going on my 56k and the tv on the NASA channel, but of corse the NASA channel only broadcast on Enstien Field, where of corse my team is not playing…

…had to work Friday…had no working webcast Saturday…division Standings and Matches not updated on FIRST site…listened to WJR radio station(Detroit) broadcasting from Epcot. Paul W. Smith interviewed students, coaches, and sponsers, as well as a judge or two.
Then I cut the grass.