any other team design bumpers?

any other teams design and build bumpers before the competiton not during the competition?

Yeah, we have bumpers. They are already designed and on the robot, and we don’t compete until April.

If only we had the weight…

if you can also post a picture::

If our box aluminum frame counts as a bumper…then uhh sure…we have one :stuck_out_tongue:

a bumper:
a part that you can attach quickly and deattach quickly. not part of your frame.

We’ve never used bumpers… solid steel or aluminum works good for us…

we have a 1/8th inch aluminium plate on the back of our robot, it takes bumps pretty well…

and the 4 inch extruded box aluminum that is on the sid eof our bot bumps like no other:)

we use lexan as a bumper it holds good and if it breaks we duct tape it back together viola instant bumpers

Duct tape being illegal i cant think that is a good idea.

Our bumpers are made of this foamy stuff and covered in upholstery. They’re held on by velcro straps. They’ve fallen off during competition once or twice…It’s no big deal. They got pretty beat up though. We’re gonna have to make new ones.

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**Duct tape being illegal i cant think that is a good idea. **

well technically but if they cant see it its not illegal

Our lexan is easily detachable, as it is held on only by velcro. However, the rules say that the bumper must be soft enough to punch with your hand.

you can punch lexan it might hurt but you can punch it

High Tolerance for pain makes almost anything a bumper. I wonder how they would enforce this rule? I could punch a piece of lexan and be allright me thinks… Lexan gives a bit more than a wall right?

yeah just a little

depends on the wall… in our robotics room (REALLY OLD BUILDING) we have a huge hole in the wall because someone ::cough:: tried to close a piston by pushing it against the wall.

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**well technically but if they cant see it its not illegal **

Seeing as how most of us use clear Lexan… :stuck_out_tongue:


We really just use foam pool toys. They are cheap, quick and easy to use. Anyways, it seemed this year that we would have been fine without bumpers completely. We took a lotof hits on the parts of our robots with none, and we were fine.


we used Dimond plate as a bumper :smiley: