Any other Teams missing certain pneumatics parts?

Our team has not recieved the push in fittings to go with the 1/4" line sent with the Kit of Parts. Have any other teams also had this problem? If so, have you recieved these missing parts yet or do you know when they are expected to arrive?

Our team could really use these parts for some prototyping.

Did you report the parts missing? I believe that last Wed was the deadline for reporting missing KOP parts, but I could be wrong. Our team inventoried and found nothing missing AFAIK.


our mentor told us that FIRST forgot to ship these parts and should ship them independently to teams. These parts were not even listed on the checklist for parts recieved at kick-off.

The students on my team haven’t been able to answer my questions and I can’t find the answers either…

Our team recieved the additional pneumatic parts today. We’re quite confused. Many of the numbers for the items don’t cross-reference with any of our documents. I may have missed a post, though.

In the kit, we recieved 5 extremely small solenoids, SMC SY114-6LOZ. Problem is, we cannot find the sub plates that fit them. Are we supposed to buy the sub-plates from SMC separately should we want to use them?

Looking forward to a little clarification for the lost…

Steve Rugolet

Apparently we were missing a certain pneumatics bag as well…

I dont know if this matters, but we participate in the GTA regional.

We received our bag today. I didnt notice anything missing but I only did a quick look at things.

we also received our bag today. It had all the different fittings for pneumatic hook ups.