Any place to stream besides Twitch?

Still blocked at our school… :face_exhaling: as it always was (and despite mutliple requests) and always will be…

The way it’s blocked is through the internet, probably. So try to disconnect from the school wifi if you can and see if it works now. There is no other stream other than twitch

That’s too bad, it’s kinda hard to disconnect a school desktop from the ethernet :laughing:

If they let you there are VPNs that work

I thought VPNs would be worth trying, if you believe they can bypass the block. All you need to do is get a free vpn browser extension. It’ll only take a few seconds to get set up. Keep in mind though, it’ll slow your connection, noticably.

I use one at my school and it does work lol

Cool, then it should work for OP too

tried a couple VPNs with no luck.

Guess we’re back to watching the aftermath like we did at kickoff

Were the VPN’s working, but it didn’t bypass? Or did the VPN not work? Because, you should be able to get the VPN to work no matter what

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VPNs would be effective against ISP blocks, local networks at the school are not going to be affected to my knowledge.

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I wasn’t sure it would work, but @EHutson said it worked for them…?

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Yeah, I think it is how different schools do stuff. I also use Norton VPN and windows 11

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So this is what I get from Touch VPN which seems worse than before

Does discord work? Could you get someone to restream Twitch in a discord channel for you?

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FIRST seems to of standardized its streaming to be exclusively twitch, for better or worse. If you have some savvy students they can rehost it via YT or Discord offsite and can connect through there.

It would be nice if FIRST would have an alternate solution for schools that block it, i doubt any amount of begging will get a school to unblock twitch, especially with how the content has changed in the last few years.


Nah, can’t get through to Discord through the VPN either atm.
I actually have to turn it off just to respond here

Please don’t advocate piracy. This is a great way to receive a DCMA and have your discord server or YouTube channel shut down.

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If FIRST takes down a private Discord server for rehosting their free livestream I wouldn’t even know what to say. YouTube is at least a bit more understandable if it could be confused for an official stream and might jeopardize the Twitch partnership.


Is it possible to make a stream unlisted/ private? I’m not sure but if it is that probably solves that problem.

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