Any Pokemon players here?

Title is self explanatory, but…

Looking for people who are into playing Pokemon, as I will most likely be doing a 4159-related distribution at CalGames.

If you go to any FRC tournament depending on the size you will see people playing pokemon from black/white to omega ruby/alpha sapphire. There is also a decent crowd for smash 3ds and at the world championships some people were playing melee and project m on emulators. So my advice is bring your DS for whenever you take a lunch break however don’t get to rapped up in it as the main focus is the tournament of course.

I mean obviously I’m going for the robots, what kind of FRC kid would I be otherwise?

I just always thought it would be cool to do a distribution, so I’m prepping around 30 Battle-Ready Talonflames named “CardinalBots” to give out.

That’s pretty awesome, actually. Also, keep in mind that Pokemon Go is going to be out before the 2016 season starts, so competitions would be great places to build and battle with fellow FIRSTers!