Any Power Source Recommendations For RasPi4?

We are using a Raspberry Pi 4 for vision processing. I need recommendations about how to power it on the robot. Original adapter provides 3A/5.1 volts. My two options seems like directly powering it via VRM or using a powerbank. If I go with VRM way would 2A port be sufficent? Or if I go with powerbank I can’t find something that just provides 2.5A max per port it is either 1/2A or 2.5A/3A auto switching powerbanks. As rule states 2.5A max per port can it be a problem as it is capable of providing 3A? I also saw PoE option on photonvision website but still it will be limited to 2A port on VRM. I am open to all recommendations about how to power it and also powerbank models.

I would recommend more than 2A for a Raspberry Pi 4 under these conditions. We use this 12V to 5V converter from AndyMark.

we used this one nice and simple and gives it the 3amps that pi needs

Playing with Fusion makes a pi hat that enables POE for pi4. works really slick. Playing With Fusion - SnakeEyes (Green) Visible Raspberry Pi HAT for FRC Robotic Vision

I’d think this ought to do it Pololu - 5V, 3A Step-Up/Step-Down Voltage Regulator S13V30F5

Have you found that this converter works for input voltages under 11V, since it’s only rated down to 11V?

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Good question. We haven’t done extensive testing, but we haven’t had any issues this year or in the past.

I’ve used this one several times and it’s good spec-wise down to 8V.

Never seen a power issue with it on a robot. They call it an 12v/24v to 5v converter but those are just voltages in the range of 8-35V that it claims to support.

Where on robot I need to connect input of it? Vrm 12v port or pdp itself.

You can connect directly to the PDP / PDH

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