Any problems with Spark Max 1.1.33 firmware?

we just got bit today on our practice bot by a bug in the Spark Max firmware where it decides to report firmware 0.0.0 and won’t configure.

After a lot of jacking around, we were able to recover it.

Firmware 1.1.33 is supposed to fix a bug where this will happen if power is removed while the flash is being written. Our circumstances were close (we pulled power, but were not updating any setting on the Spark Maxes).

We start a competition on Friday, and I am torn between installing 1.1.33 as a preventative, and not installing it because we haven’t used it at all and it’s untested.

Has anyone had any issues with the 1.1.33 firmware?

I mean I wouldn’t. Worst comes worse, to fix the issue at competition, just upload 0.384 first, then 0.385, then 1.1.31. Unless you have time to test it, I would roll with 1.1.31

I believe it also fixes an issue where this occurs when the SPARK MAX loses power while attached to a moving Neo.

Regardless, there’s only been one reported issue that I know of, but it was discovered that the firmware wasn’t the cause (it went away after a roll-back, but later resurfaced. Clearing the settings was what caused the temporary fix, leading the user to believe the firmware was the issue).

We’ve been using the latest firmware all week with no issues. I would update.

We don’t have time to test, but other people have had it in, so I’m asking this to use other team’s experience as our test results.

Going through 0.0.0 -> 0.38x -> 1.1.31 on two Spark Max when being called to queue is precisely what I am trying to avoid if people have been running 1.1.31 with no ill effects (well, no new ill effects…)

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