Any Reliable USB - micro USB Cable recommendations?

Our team has switched to PS4 controllers and is loving them. However, they require a USB cable. For years, I have been looking for USB cables with consistent power and data performance. I have not found too many other than the ones that ship with Spheros.

So, here is our wish list in order of importance…

  • Reliable data and power transmission
  • Braided or silicone wire to last long
  • ~6 feet length
  • Reversible

Does anyone have any recommendations?


We’ve dealt with numerous instances of lost matches from micro-USB connectors coming unplugged from gaming style connectors. The only thing that worked to solve the issue was first switching to hardwired controllers, then switching to controllers with USB C connectors. Micro USB connectors are simply not a secure style of connector.

This year for our driver we switched from a gaming controller to a Radiomaster Zorro RC style controller with the radio disabled. It’s fantastic. The precision of the joysticks, and the programmability of the controller itself (plus field oriented swerve drive) has taken our robot driving to a whole other level.

We have a switch on the controller for 3 different top speed settings. Another switch has 3 levels of expo. Another switches from field oriented to robot oriented mode, for picking up balls using a USB camera. Yesterday at drivers practice, on a lark, the students even made a new mode which takes the bot back to driving like a tank drive bot. All this happens on the controller, no changes to the robot code necessary.

So my recommendations are:

  1. avoid micro USB controllers altogether.
  2. use hardwired (most secure) or USB C controllers
  3. try a programmable RC style controller

Thank you for this. It is helpful, but we have solved the USB unplugging issue by printing a retention clip that seems to work well.

So now, we just need a good cable.

On a side note, I wish the Stadia controllers exposed the triggers as axis. They are perfect. Weighty comfortable, USBC, but the lack of an axis is a deal breaker.

We are attempting to use the PS4 for accessibility reasons (fully exposed rumble).

Edit: So Tue PS5 controllers use USBC. I just purchased one. We will see if that works.

It has been a long day, and I cannot find the edit button for my post above.

But, we did try a PS 5 controller. It totally worked. USB C, rumble motor and all.

We were using Java with the PS4 library. We do have Ds4Win running on the driver station.

It is really nice actually.

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Glad a USB-C option works for you.

When it comes to any cable I spend money on (or ask my boss to order), these days it’s almost entirely Anker. Hard to go wrong with their selection, even if you’re still bound by the hazards of Micro USB.

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