Any Requests?

Hey guys, i’m a pretty experienced coder and i’ve been looking for a new project but haven’t been able to find any inspiration, so i’m going to you guys. Are there any tools or programs that you would like me to build for public use? Language doesn’t matter. Thanks guys!

Accurately predict 2018 District Rankings with 100% accuracy. (last 3 years found here)](

One thing that our team has been working on that I would like to see what other teams think is to use bubble sheets (Think Scantron or standardized test multiple choice bubbles) for scouting. This way, everyone could just get a sheet for that match and fill out the bubbles during the match, then at the end of the match, scan it into a laptop using a webcam (probably using an openCV script). This could then spit out a CSV file and could be compiled somewhere else for more analyzation. I would just like to see how others would accomplish this task considering all the variables for this years game. :slight_smile: (Or if you want to create an open source scouting app, I would be very happy with that.)

Uhh i’m not sure how feasible that would actually be because to accurately predict something like district rankings, i would need much more than points scored in the past 3 years (AFAIK)

Hmm the scanner idea actually seems pretty interesting. even with the bubbles, you can also add text boxes/lines where the data could be extracted through some OCR algorithm.

Also, sorry i never mentioned this in my original post
I hope this thread serves as somewhere to sponsor ideas for the community, not just for me :slight_smile: